Letters from
the colony

Ready to climb the international stages

After several line-up changes, LETTERS FROM THE COLONY finally found a solid band constellation, ready to climb the international stages together. Particularly spectacular was the sudden introduction of singer Alexander Backlund, who had been working with the band as a producer for several years, before he was asked to jump in for his predecessor when they were suddenly left without a vocalist right before an important gig. Having never played or even rehearsed with the band before, he performed such a mind-blowing show in Stockholm that the band made the unanimous decision to recruit him as permanent member of LETTERS FROM THE COLONY.


  • Date: Saturday March 23
  • Stage: mainstage
  • Time: 17:30 - 18:30

Letters from the colony instagram



Erasing Contrast mash-up.


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We enter the stage in a short while in Trier, Germany 🇩🇪 See you there! #lettersfromthecolony #killingtheeuropeancult #baest #decapitated


This event has been made possible by the help of our partners. We owe them our gratitude. Please pay them a visit. 

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